Sport leads to strong and healthy individuals, builds confidence, gives great joy and teaches life skills such as commitment and teamwork. We think no girl should lose out, just because she is a girl.

We believe in a world where women and girls can play, coach, referee and work in the sport they love. We believe in a world where they are treated equally and are given the respect they deserve.

For far too long, women and girls have been in the shadows of the sport – fighting against outdated perceptions that football is not for girls.

We want to bring these women and girls - and their supporters - out of the shadows.

We aim to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of players ever to play in a single game. The current record is 2,357 people, over 4 days (playing non-stop). We think we can break that.

If you love the beautiful game, and if you share our vision, we want you to join us…